Parsons Steel Builders offers both steel fabrication and steel erection services. Steel erection is often the skeletal core of buildings, bridges, commercial, and retail, and industrial structure.
We offer preconstruction services to general contractors, partnering with them to establish a steel erection plan in coordination with other trades in order to maximize productivity and shorten construction schedules. This includes developing a site-specific erection procedure that anticipates and overcomes any challenges to safely and efficiently erecting the project.
We also consult with structural engineers to ensure constructability of their designs. 

Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawaii

We work with non-ferrous material with typical shapes and grades to the industry.
Our fabrication process and procedures meet all requirements to the AISC certification standards.

Safety 1st — 100% tie off policy

Steel erection is one of the 10 most hazardous occupations according to OSHA, so at Parsons Steel Builders, safety is embedded in our culture. Parsons is proud to be one of the first steel companies to implement a 100% tie off policy for anyone who is working above 6’. We take great pride in our consistently high safety rating and low EMOD rates.

We provide site-specific erection safety plans for all Parsons Steel Builders projects and ensure that all our employees comply with this plan. The tenets of our safety policy include:

  • Site-specific Erection Plans
  • Production & Safety go hand-in-hand
  • Every Project Considers Safety First
  • Erector is an AISC Certified Fabricator
  • 100% Tie Off Fall Protection Plan
Parsons Steel Builders’ focus on steel erection gives us valuable insight into the safest and most efficient way to construct the structural steel portion of the project.
Our approach to every project is to partner with the general contractor and project owner towards the common goal of a successful project completed safely, on time and on budget, one of which every member of the team can be proud.

Every Parsons employee—from estimator and project manager to supervisor and skilled iron workers—view themselves as part of the project team.